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About Us

• Our company began to operate in 1976 in Süleymaniye Istanbul, the center of the mould industry with our love for moulds.

• In 1986, Güvenal began to operate in Eyüp / Topçular region and accelerated its activities especially in moulds in Bayrampaşa.

• Starting ready-mould element imports with countries such as Italy and Germany to contribute to the mould industry in 1993, our company has achieved the firsts of our country in this regard and has provided quality product range with innovations in the industry.

• In 1996, the company for improving levelling of mould surfaces and new moulding technologies was established with the outstanding efforts of our founder Avni TARAKÇIOĞLU.

• It has started activities regarding mould buffing / surface polishing and the hot runners and continues to develop.

• In 2004, Güvenal Makina contributed to the sector by starting sales operations of machine tools; and has added diversity to the mould industry in terms of machine and cutting tool with innovations.

• In 2008, we opened branches in İkitelli and Hadımköy in order to serve faster and more efficiently to the manufacturers in the sector, and they serve closely to our customers.

• In 2010, we switched to Home-Office work and sustainable quality control model in order to improve the quality of support and service we provide to the whole industry in Turkey's regions in the technical sense.

• Also in 2010, Güvenal Shop added innovations to the sector in online sales with its investments on computing and new communication services.

• In 2011, our company started the production of mould elements (centering elements) under the brand name of GTH, and continues its development and R & D activities with significant investments.

• In 2013, our company started standard and special mould set and ready polished plate production with our own brand; and brought the economic and fast model to the sector with high investments.

• In 2014; Güvenal Kalıp Elemanları A.Ş. and its group companies began to export the products in the trading and manufacturing.

• As of 2015, we are at a position accessing entire Turkey and accelerating our activities abroad with our Topçular – Kıraç – İkitelli and Bursa branches, GTH İmalat and GTH Kalıp Setleri and Güvenal Makina companies.

We are proud to have made significant contributions to the industry today. Devoting itself to its business, Kalıp Elemanları A.Ş. has taken up duties in mould production in our country in the reasonable mould prices policy as a solution partner for the 2nd generation industry with the vision of values. We will continue to increase our activities with your support so that we can protect our national capital. We offer our respects to all our stakeholders in this adventure.

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